Wanneer gebruik je de plaksnor?

//Wanneer gebruik je de plaksnor?
Wanneer gebruik je de plaksnor? 2018-05-09T07:28:05+00:00

When can you use the plasma mustache?
There are many occasions when you can use the bathroom mustache. Just think of carnival, a play, a bachelor party or another party where you can dress up. The mustache can ensure that you suddenly become a completely different person. Do you feel like it and would you like to experience it? Then discover now how the plash must stand for you and maybe they will not even recognize you.

Children and the bathroom mustache
For children the mustache must be a nice accessory. They can do a lot of fun here, at school this plash must be used for example in fancy dress parties, but also in a play that they perform to the other children at school. The whole group of boys can then wear the mustaches, so they become a “team”. They will also behave more stubbornly because they now seem much older. This is fun to see, as you can see, there are plenty of options with the mustaches.

Adults and mustaches
The mustaches are often worn during parties, for example a bachelor party. But also at carnival you see a lot of people passing through with mustaches. Now look at which mustaches there are and buy a set so that you always have a few in stock, because you never know what kind of party is coming! The selection of musty pores is getting bigger, so you can now choose which slice must go for you and then let the party begin!

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