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Whether it is almost carnival or do you go skiing with a couple of friends? A set of fake mustaches you should always have with you! With a fake mustache you break the ice and you will see that everything will go easier …

Do you like a subtle mustache or an uber-striking acrobats mustache? From small to large, we offer the appropriate fake mustaches. Even the smaller person among us can succeed, we also offer smaller mustaches. Moreover, the fake mustaches of will not disappoint you, the quality is good and the slice continuity is also good.

You have already ordered fake mustaches with us and are you satisfied with the result? Let us know and we will place you, if you wish, on our Facebook page. In addition, you can of course like our page, we regularly give away nice prizes.

Have you not ordered fake mustaches? We offer both single mustaches as well as sets of 6 or 12 fake mustaches . If you are with several people, ordering a set is of course cheaper but also more fun because they are diverse.

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